How to Decorate for a Hanukkah Party

By Charles Dovbish , last updated December 7, 2011

Hanukkah can be a very joyous occasion for any Jewish household, especially with festive decorations for a Hanukkah party. Also known as the “Festival of Lights,” Hanukah is an eight-day period where the Jewish people commemorate a rededication to the Holy Temple. During this period, one gift is given each day. Because of the holiday season, many households find themselves full of friends, family and other loved ones. If you are looking to spice up your Hanukah this year, you should decorate accordingly.

Let the Kids Help

Allowing the children to help you decorate your home is one of the best ways to incorporate the holiday spirit in your home while teaching the kids about their religion. Teach the children how to make homemade dreidels. Dreidels are spinning tops that have a different Hebrew letter on each of the four sides. Once they have had fun spinning them, the dreidels can be used as a mantelpiece in your home. Dreidels are typically made out of cardboard. Look at the References section for a downloadable version of dreidel patterns.


Decorate your home with lights. Having lights on the outside of the home is a fun way to celebrate the holiday while allowing the whole family to get involved. The most common lights for Hanukkah are blue and white. Wrap the lights around bushes in your front yard and line the roof with lights. Be sure to keep all of your walkways and doors clear of the lights to inhibit any potential for an accident.

Traditional Decorations

Menorahs and dreidels are the most traditional decorations for Hanukkah. Line your living room mantel with a menorah and then top it off with a scarf. Scarves are traditional for Hanukkah and usually have chocolate gelt placed on them. Decorate your holiday dinner table with a blue and white table runner. If you don’t have a table runner that is appropriate for the holiday, they can be found online or through specialty shops. These runners will usually have a Star of David sewn into the middle.

Create Invitations

You can buy invitations to your Hanukkah party, but wouldn’t it be more fun to make your own? Not only will this save you money, it allows you to personalize the invitation for each person. Buy some card stock paper and use greeting card software to create your own invitations. If you don’t have greeting card software, you can simply create the invitation and then cut it out of the paper after you print it. Set up the invitation with traditional Hanukkah items such as menorahs.

Party Items

One of the best aspects of the holiday is being able to celebrate it with family and friends. Before you have people over to your home, get some party items for the occasion. There are a lot of different items that can be found for Hanukkah, such as holiday cups, napkins and plates. Try to have each of the items match the other if at all possible. Hang a Hanukkah banner in the foyer of your home for when the guests arrive. Buy some streamers to hang around your home. Get creative in decorating your home and your party will go over fantastically.

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