How to Effectively Use Cable Curls

By Renee Gerber , last updated December 14, 2011
Cable curls are highly effective exercises that can work out your biceps. The exercise is pretty much the same as when you do a curl with a barbell, but instead you are using a cable curl machine with which to work out. The biggest difference between the two weight training equipment is that a cable curl keeps the strain on your bicep muscle throughout your workout. This means that you can get quite an exercise routine that can continuously work out your biceps, which can lead to getting the muscles considerably bigger and harder. You can effectively use cable curls to exercise this muscle in alternating workouts.

A cable curl machine can be set up in a few different ways so that you can vary your workouts. One of the easiest exercises you can do, however, is to have the pulley of the cable as low to the floor as possible. You can then clip on an EZ cable curl bar and stand up straight while facing the machine. To do the workout, hold the cable curl bar. The palms of your hands should be facing away from your body while you stand close to the machine. Pull the bar up from your chest.

Hold it for a few second and then lower the bar down again. You will feel a definite strain against your bicep muscles in a hurry. You can alternate this particular exercise routine by spreading your arms slightly outward and then pulling up, moving in a way so that your elbows meet your sides. This isolates the biceps and concentrates all the energy there but feels somewhat more comfortable.

Another good workout with cable curls that is greatly effective is to place a bench in front of the machine with an EZ bar attached to the lower pulley. Bend forward and lean your arms against the bench while gripping the cable curl. You can then begin pulling up the cable curl, with your arms close together, bringing your hands up until they almost touch your face. This is another excellent workout that sees your bicep muscles feeling the entirety of the reps. Every time you squeeze upward, hold it for a few seconds and then slowly lower the weight back down.
If you prefer doing your cable curls while laying down, you can do that as well. To perform this particular biceps exercise, you should lay flat on your back with your feet against the workout machine. Make sure to keep your legs perfectly straight while you take hold of the cable curl with both hands. Slowly pull up to your chest and release the hold back down to your body. The motion should be done with an underhand grip. Not only will you feel the tension in your biceps while performing this workout, but you will also feel it in your chest as well. This is a highly effective cable curl workout that many people may find considerably easier to perform. Make sure to hold the weight when you lift up for a few seconds before releasing it back down.
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