How to Fill Out a Bank Deposit Slip

By Brad Murrow , last updated December 22, 2011

Bank deposit slips allow you to add money to one of your account, either via the mail or in person. There are two basic types of bank deposit slips: counter slips, available at bank locations; and account slips, which include your account information on the slip. Whichever you use, make sure to fill out the entire slip correctly, or you may end up delaying your deposit, bouncing checks and damaging your credit score.

If you are using a bank counter slip, you will need to enter your name, address and account number on the slip. Unlike deposit slips you get with checking or other account, counter slips are generic so that anyone can use them. If you are using one of your personal slips, you can proceed directly to filling in the financial information for this transaction.

Write in the money of money you wish to deposit in the correct area. Some deposit slips have separate areas for cash and checks. If you have more than a few checks, look on the back of the slip for additional lines. Commercial deposit slips often have many lines on the front of the slip so you can enter the amounts of many checks. Personal account deposit slips often have only a few lines on the front, with a larger area for making a deposit with multiple checks on the back.

Fill in the amounts legibly, using zeros where you do not have change as part of the amount entered. For example, don’t enter $4 in the dollar section and a dash in the cents section, even if most of your checks are even-dollar numbers. Write $4.00. A busy teller may miss the one or two checks you deposit with cents in the amounts, leading to a statement correction later.

Total the amount of your deposit if you have multiple entries. Check it twice for a math error. Add the amount of money you wish to withdraw if you will be withdrawing money when you make the deposit. Subtract this from your deposit total to enter the total deposit number. Check this number twice.

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