How to Fill Out a Medicaid Application

By Shannon C , last updated December 22, 2011

Like most government processes, it can feel confusing to navigate the ins and outs of filling out a Medicaid application. Especially if time is of the essence, it can be helpful to gain an overview of the process and know where to go and who to contact to get your Medicaid application processed efficiently and quickly. Medicaid is a federal government sponsored health care program that is designed to meet people where they are in terms of financial need, but the responsibility for administering the program rests at the state level, and each state may choose to administer the program differently from its neighbors. Learn from experts the basics of how to fill out a Medicaid application and be on your way to applying for this vital health care program.

Who is Eligible for Medicaid Assistance?
The Medicaid program is designed to assist individuals who are experiencing extreme financial hardship or poverty regardless of age or degree of illness or disablement. In order for Medicaid to be granted, the individual must be able to prove two things. The first is to prove financial need, and the second is to prove inability to obtain health care through alternate means. Within these constraints, any individual with low income, disabled or pregnant persons, and senior citizens who need nursing care can all apply for Medicaid.
Required Application Information
In order to apply for Medicaid, the applicant must show proof of financial need, provide a social security number, and (if applicable) provide medical proof of disablement. A typical turnaround time for a Medicaid application can take up to three months, so it is important to be prepared at the time of application to give a comprehensive financial and medical need picture to avoid processing delays. Additional information you will be required to provide include the names and social security numbers of any other family members, including dependents, from your home who are applying, your total combined income, any benefits you receive from your job and also including support you may receive from Veteran's Affairs, Social Security, or other governmental agency, how much your liquid assets are worth, a detailed accounting of your monthly expenses, and what amount, if any, you are currently paying out to receive health care for any household member who is applying for Medicaid.
How to Fill Out a Medicaid Application
The easiest way to obtain the proper Medicaid application for your state is to visit the Medicaid website at and download the specific form your state uses. Often you can also contact the local division of Health and Human Services to find out which local office handles Medicaid applications and receive more personalized assistance if you are struggling to fill out the form. The good news is that, if you are in need of immediate medical attention, the Medicaid process allows you to receive it even before you are approved. You will need to find out which hospitals are authorized to provide indigent care before taking care of your medical need.
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