How to Find Scholarships for Veterinary Students

By Renee Gerber , last updated August 10, 2011

Scholarships are important means of funding a worthy student's venture into higher education. There are many different types of funds that provide scholarships to individuals of all different walks of life and for studying any number of curriculums in their higher learning. Veterinary students are among these future professionals, and a great scholarship can give them a good head start into their future career by aiding them in attending the best colleges and universities for their education. If you are interested in obtaining a great scholarship to go toward your veterinary education, you should learn about the funds and foundations from which you can get them. This can be done with research, which you can do online or at the Foundation Center library locations, of which there are few in select areas of the United States, including New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Washington, DC and Pittsburgh.

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation has a great veterinary scholarship program that is awarded to students attending accredited colleges for veterinary medicine while in their first, second and third year of education. In addition, third or fourth year students who have a particular interest in cats will receive $2,500. Candidates will also be those who volunteer at shelters and organization that benefit the overall health and welfare of cats, as well as maintaining an acceptable GPA. Of course, financial need will also be a huge determining factor toward who receives the scholarship.

The Veterinary Scholarship Trust of New England is a great resource for veterinary students who are from the New England area. The trust was founded by Dr. Cornelius Thibeault in 1958 and was instituted to help-worthy veterinary students with financial assistance so that they could complete their studies. Eleven students are chosen each year to receive different scholarship awards. Recipients must be from any state in New England, although they can attend any veterinary school in the United States.

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