How to Fix a Ripped Pocket

By Danny Wong , last updated January 19, 2012

Knowing how to fix a ripped pocket can save you lots of money, since you won't be throwing away your perfectly good clothes or turning them into an expensive rag. Ripped pockets are easy to mend and don't take too much effort. So, to save your favorite clothes, continue reading and fix all of your ripped pockets!

Find the Extent of the Rip

First, identify where the rip is and figure out the extent of the rip. This way, you see how much damage has been done and what type of repair work you will have to do. Bigger rips may require work with a sewing machine, perhaps even adding patches to cover up the rip too. However, smaller rips can easily be managed with a needle and some thread.

Cut Loose Threads

You'll want to ensure the fibers of your pocket don't get more unwoven than they already are, and that the rip doesn't turn into something worse. So, make sure to snip any loose threads. This will prevent you from playing with them or from other things pulling them and unraveling your pocket fabric.

Find the Seams

If your pocket has ripped from the seams, locate the seams that have been broken and where the rip has stopped. From there, you can work your way to replace the broken seams so that your pocket looks fresh and new again. However, if your pocket ripped where there are no seams, then you will just have to start mending from where the rip has stopped.

Sew from the Inside

For your pocket to look beautiful and your repair job to look flawless, sew up the rip from the inside so that the sewing job and thread doesn't show on the outside. Sewing done from the outside looks sloppy. If this is the case, you may not want to wear your clothes, since they will look even worse after the repair.

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