How To Get Great Deals on Kids Back to School Clothes

By Dawn Marcotte , last updated January 10, 2012

It's almost time for the kids to head back to school, and every parent is looking for great deals on clothing to send their children back in style. Kids want to look good when they go back to school and this need drives the second largest shopping season of the year. There are four strategies to help make everyone happy when shopping for back to school clothing.

Shop Online

Many kids who don’t particularly enjoy shopping may do well to shop online. Many retailers will offer free shipping and there are a lot of deals available. Retailers are hurting again this fall as many shoppers don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on clothes. It is possible to purchase some of the basics such as socks, underwear and t-shirts online for less than in many stores.

Shop around when looking for something specific before buying online and verify shipping is free. A $3.00 dollar t-shirt isn’t such a good deal if the shipping is another $5. Some online retailers even have the ability to send preferred shoppers an email about upcoming sales. If there is a preferred merchant for clothes, check their online site to see if they have this option and take advantage of it when possible.

Shop at Value Oriented Stores

There are a lot of stores that give good value for their prices. Target, JC Penney, Kohl’s and Limited are just a few national chains that provide excellent quality for a lower price. If the kids insist on a specific brand allow them a pre-determined amount of money to spend at that store and get everything else at more reasonable prices. Keep an eye on the ads for these stores and check out their sale racks. Many times there will be items on sale for 30% or more off the listed price. These items can be a great way to fill out a wardrobe for less.

Shop at Second Hand Stores

With the downturn in the economy second hand stores have made a strong comeback in many cities. Some of these stores have clothes that are almost brand new. Check all clothing completely before purchasing from a second hand store and be sure to try it on. These stores often have sales as well and this can make the price even lower. Check labels and consumers may be surprised to see name brands at significantly lower prices than found in retail stores. Don’t get discouraged if the first second hand store is less than spectacular. Second hand stores vary widely in their quality. Keep looking and check with others who may also be shopping for back to school clothing.

Shopping for back to school clothes does not need to cost a lot of money. It is a good idea to purchase a couple of pairs of jeans and some shirts at the start of the year, but children grow throughout the year. Save some of the budget to purchase additional clothes after school has started, when some of the retailers will have even better sales.

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