How to Get an Inexpensive Divorce in Idaho

By Pixie Alexander , last updated January 9, 2012

Like other U.S. states, Idaho sets its own laws and rules about marriage and divorce, including the process by which a couple can get a divorce in the state. In Idaho, couples may get a divorce whether or not they have children under age 18 together. One parent can also seek custody of children he or she has with the other parent, even if the two parents are not married. The forms for each of these processes are available from Idaho Legal Aid. Individuals hoping to learn how to get an inexpensive divorce in Idaho should familiarize themselves with these options, since they are often the best way to get an inexpensive divorce.

Divorce Complaint Packet

Idaho's court self-help section of its official state website offers a number of forms for people wishing to save time and money by filing their own divorces in Idaho. The divorce complaint packet includes all the forms that a person will need to file for divorce in the state. The packet comes in two forms, including one for spouses that have minor children or children under age 18 together, and one for spouses that have no minor children. In each packet, there are forms for the spouse filing for divorce to fill out, including the "complaint" that explains what the spouse wants the court to do (e.g., grant a divorce) and why, and other forms required by the court. The spouse that files these forms is known as the "plaintiff" or "petitioner," while the other spouse is the "defendant" or "respondent."

Standard Family Law Case Information Sheet

Below the listings for the divorce complaint packets on Idaho's self-help courts website are links for additional information. The first link leads to the "standard family law case information sheet, which the spouse filing for divorce should fill out and submit with the forms in the divorce complaint packet. The case information sheet asks for basic information about the case and contact information for the people involved in it. It also includes a section for each spouse to indicate if he or she needs special accommodations for a disability or because he or she does not understand English well enough to fully participate in the divorce proceedings in court.

Divorce by Stipulation

If the spouse who files the divorce complaint packet and the spouse who receives it do not contest any issues written in the complaint, and the spouses do not have minor children, the spouse who receives the complaint may file a stipulation. The stipulation basically says that everything stated in the complaint is acceptable and that both spouses want a divorce on those terms. The stipulation forms are also available from the state's self-help courts website. If the couple has minor children or do not agree on the terms of the divorce stated in the complaint, however, they should not use these forms. In this case, mediation may be a less-expensive way for the couple to work out their disagreements and get the divorce agreement they want without having to go to trial.

These procedures will help a couple get a divorce without breaking the bank.

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