How to Get Paint Off a Marble Floor

By Matt Smolsky , last updated May 23, 2011

Whether you dumped a gallon of paint, need to clean up a few minor splatters, or are restoring old marble to its original luster, learning how to get paint off a marble floor can save you time, money, headaches and heartaches.

Razor Blades

After all, marble is expensive. You want to protect it and maintain its beauty. To get small amounts of paint off a marble floor, you can use either lacquer thinner or a sharp razor blade. A dull blade is more likely to scratch the marble. Use just one side of the blade, since burrs can build up the side not scratching the surface. IF there's any possibility that the paint contains lead, use lacquer thinner. Be sure to protect any areas that you don't want the lacquer thinner to come near. It's caustic and will damage other surfaces.

Paint Stripper

If you have a lot of paint to remover, whether from a spill or because of restoration, get a commercial heavy liquid paint stripper from hardware or paint store. They're caustic, so be careful handling. Wear eye protection and gloves. Keep the area you're working in well ventilated. You may need to re-polish your marble after using a paint stripper. Be sure to flush the spill area with clean water thoroughly immediately after using the stripper.

Oil-Based Paint

If you spilled an oil-based paint, it needs to be chemically dissolved. Flush with water. Then, clean the space with a soft cleanser, bleach, detergent or ammonia. Do not mix bleach and ammonia together. You may still notice a dark stain, even after cleaning. This may be true of non-oil paints as well, depending on how long the paint has been on the marble. Marble, though it appears impervious, can absorb the color of the paint. Don't be surprised if you don't get perfect results.

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