How to Get Rid of Wrinkles Naturally

By Sam Feeder , last updated August 29, 2011

While a vast number of products out there claim to rid your skin of wrinkles, there are actually a number of ways to get rid of wrinkles naturally, which many people don't know. These options are good to know as it is another method for ridding your skin of wrinkles and also a very inexpensive one. There are a number of other schools of thought out there that using natural remedies for wrinkles on the skin are healthier for you than using beauty products, as you will be exposing yourself to few chemicals or chemical processes. Check out some of the ways to rid you skin of wrinkles naturally listed below.

Milk and Honey

MIlk and honey is one of the age old anti-wrinkle cleansers, used by Pharaohs in ancient Egypt. The lactic acid in milk which deep cleanses poors and allows the skin to stretch out substantially and keep the wrinkles from forming. Honey has something called humectant compounds which allows retention of moisture in the skin. Combining these two natural products helps to keep the skin looser and improve its elasticity. Mixing a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of raw organic milk together will make a whitish paste and this should be applied to the face. Leaving this on for at least ten minutes once a day will greatly reduce the number of wrinkles you have in your face and may even make them go away over time.

Lemon Juice and Sugar

This combination of natural ingredients becomes a natural exfoliator, sluffing off dry dead skin that can keep moisture from getting into your skin to keep it elastic and un-wrinkled. Lemon Juice is also rich in vitamin C which promotes collagen production and keeps the skin soft and supple. Sugar has glycolic acid which repairs the skin and keeps it looking young and lively. Mix one teaspoon of sugar into two tablespoons of lemon juice and then massage it into your face using your fingertips. make sure none of it gets in your eyes however, as it will sting pretty badly. Leave it on for about ten minutes before you wash it off, so that it can do the job that it needs to do.

Egg Whites

Egg whites can be stirred into a mask that you can apply to wrinkly skin to temporarily remove these imperfections, though they will often come back over time. Separate the whites from the yolks of two organic eggs and then whip the whites into a mask. Apply this mask to your face and leave on for at least twenty minutes. This will stiffen the skin and smooth out wrinkles for a short period of time.

Take Your Vitamins

Vitamins are integral to reducing wrinkles in people's skin, as these important vitamins and minerals which are included in each pill will supplement the skin with all the necessary nutrients it needs to grow and repair itself every day. B complex vitamins are the most important to take, as are A, C and E vitamins. make sure that whatever vitamins you are taking have high concentrations of these in them!

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