How to Get Scholarships for College Sophomores

By Sam Feeder , last updated January 9, 2012

There are a variety of ways to get scholarships for college sophomores, though this is usually an uncommon time for someone to apply for a scholarship since they will already be in college and paying for their tuition. But sometimes applying for a scholarship in your sophomore year is something that can stave off having to take out college loans too soon and paying off interest for an extra five years of your life. So with a little dilligence you can track down these sophomore scholarships and see which ones you think you can get without distracting from your freshman year schoolwork. Check out how to get these scholarships for college sophomores below.

Atheletic Scholarships

If you are a talented athlete and go to a college which has a good athletic program, see if you can make the team your freshman year as a walk on (since you didn't get a scholarship to play at the school in the first place). When you make the team, shine and become an integral part of whatever sport you are playing so that when the year is over, you can appeal to your coaches and in turn the school that you need a scholarhip to help you pay for your ability to go to school. You will have more people on your side in the administration and they will be more inclined to give a sophomore a scholarship because you have helped to make yourself a true fabric of the college and their money making sports program.

Prove FInancial Need

If you can prove that you have real financial need to a college where you are going to school and you also are showing that you made good grades and worked really hard your freshman year, there is a good chance you can get them to give you some financial aid. Proving this will entail showing them how much income your family makes per year, where you live, and what your life at home before college was like from an economic standpoint. If a college sees that you going to school will be impossible for your family and you will have to leave, or you can't get the right student loan to pay for all of your college tuition, then colleges will often step in to give you a hand if they have the money to do so.

Ambassadorial Scholarship

Some scholarships are offered for sophomores in college (though they are offered for just about every college year) for students who get into a program to study and work abroad and represent the school in a particular way. This service over seas will often entail a certain amount of charity work, teaching other students things like English or American culture, or learn the foreign country's language and customs, and working for organizations within the country itself. Of course, this will take up much of your sophomore year and is only really good for college sophomores who are studying something that will benefit them to go overseas and work for a year. However, reagardless of what you are studying in college at that age, it will be an excellent learning experience about life and yourself.

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