How to Grow Angel's Trumpet

By Danny Wong , last updated August 25, 2011

With the proper instruction, growing an Angel's Trumpet flower can be a gardener's delight as it is one of the most beautiful and fragrant plants you can cultivate. Angel's Trumpet is one of the easier plants to grow if you know how to set it in the right conditions and properly maintain it. Here are some tips for growing Angel's Trumpet.

Setting Angel's Trumpet in a Pot

When first planting your Angel's trumpet, make sure you're growing it in a very large pot. It can be no less than 14 inches large, otherwise its roots can't grow large enough. Larger pots allow your Angel's Trumpet's roots to grow out more so the plant can grow larger too. In growing your Angel's Trumpet, make sure it is set in a heavy pot. A heavy pot will stay in place as the Angel's Trumpet grows large, fast. The heavy pot creates a stable base for the plant so the wind doesn't knock it over. Before planting, you will want to mix in compost with your soil for extra nutrients for your plant, and should make sure the soil is drained and aerated because Angel's Trumpet loves moist, but not wet soil.

Watering and Weather Conditions

One of the important things you should know about how to grow Angel's Trumpet is that Angel's Trumpet requires a lot of water. You will need to water your Angel's Trumpet at least once a day during the summer. Growing your Angel's Trumpet in moist conditions is ideal, otherwise the plant dries out quickly and wilts. The air where your Angel's Trumpet grows should be humid, otherwise you will have to water the plant constantly to make up for the dry air. Your Angel's Trumpet should also be placed in a nice spot where it will get plenty of full sun during the day, although partial shade works too. Angel's Trumpet prefers cool, but not freezing temperatures during the night.

Mulching and Fertilizing

Another important thing to know about growing Angel's Trumpet is that you should mulch and fertilize your plant. Mulching helps to keep weeds down, to protect the soil from the sun and wind, and to keep soil moist. You should also fertilize your Angel's Trumpet every few weeks so it has enough of the nutrients that it needs for healthy growth.


When growing your Angel's Trumpet, you also need to remember that pruning is good for the plant. You should prune your Angel's Trumpet to manage its size and shape, while getting rid of dead, diseased, broken, and weakened parts. Since Angel's Trumpet plants grow fast, you will want to prune strategically so that the plant doesn't get too large during the year, until the next time you can prune it again. Pruning off bad parts of the Angel's Trumpet plant helps to promote new growth and ensure a fully healthy plant. If your Angel's Trumpet grows in a controlled environment, you can prune it practically anytime. If you are growing your Angel's Trumpet outdoors, you should prune only during springtime.

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