How to Grow a Jambu Plant

By Ted Rollins , last updated June 16, 2011

The jambu shrub or jambu plant, more commonly known as the guava plant, is closely related to agave and is a tropical plant that's most often grown commercially rather than in home gardens. However, there's no reason why you should avoid giving the plant a go. Some types of jambu put out a delicious and sweet odor that's hard to find in other garden plants. The most proven way of growing jambu is from cuttings; while doing so can be challenging, it will be well worth the effort once you get one in your hands.

To begin, prepare a planted with about six inches of soil. You'll want to use a quite large planter, as you'll need enough space for the jambu cutting to spread its roots; alternately, you can just plan to transport it to a bigger pot when it grows. Acquire some jambu cuttings to plant. You'll want to do this from an existing specimen or get them from a garden center or nursery. You want the cutting to be at least five inches tall and without any damage or disease.

To get the cutting going, dip the cut end of it in a root growth hormone powder to enliven its roots. Next, place the cutting in the planter, covering it with about three inches of soil and letting it stand on its own. Water right away, dampening the soil at least an inch deep. Try not to overwater in order to avoid damaging the roots. Place the plant in either partial or full sunlight, and make sure it doesn't get exposed to cold or frost, which can quickly kill it. Water every other day, or whenever the soil is dried out. Once the cutting gets taller than two feet, transplant it outside into a full sun area with well draining soil.

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