How to Hang a Mirror

By Dawn Marcotte , last updated August 8, 2011

Many adults who are new to their home need to hang a mirror in a bedroom or bathroom. Knowing how to properly hang a mirror will prevent accidents from the mirror falling off the wall. This is a simple four step process.

Determine Where to Hang the Mirror

The ‘correct’ height of a mirror is determined by its use and the height of the people who will be using it. A bathroom mirror usually needs to hang over a bathroom sink and the height is pretty fixed. A mirror for a bedroom can be hung at any height, but most often the person’s face should be in the center of the mirror. Decorate mirrors can also vary in height. Finding the right height will require several people, at least one person to hold the mirror and the other person to stand back and check the height. Once the correct location is found the corners of the mirror should be marked in pencil on the wall.

Locate the Studs in the Wall

It is important to anchor a mirror to the studs in a wall as they are stronger than the plaster board of the wall and the mirror is less likely to fall down if accidentally bumped. Stud finders are available at any hardware store. These small devices use a magnet to find the nails in the studs. Mark the location of each stud with a small X. It is a good idea to locate two nails along the same vertical stud. Larger mirrors should be anchored in two separate studs for the best results.

Install Anchors Appropriate to the Weight of the Mirror

Anchors for a variety of weights are available at most hardware stores. Verify the anchors being used are strong enough to hold the mirror. Anchors should be drilled into at least two studs to hold a large mirror. A mirror should be hung by at least two separate points to spread the weight load. Standard accessory kits that often are sold with a new mirror have clips that attach to each side of the mirror frame. A wire is strung between these clips. The mirror will hang on the wall by the wire. If a clip kit did not come with the mirror one can be purchased from a local hardware store.

To determine where to hang the anchors so that the wire allows the mirror to hang at the predetermined location the clips should be installed on the mirror first. Hold the mirror up against the wall again and mark where the clips fall. Remove the mirror and draw a horizontal line on the wall between the marks showing the clips. Install the anchors along this line where the studs are located.

Once the anchors are installed hold the mirror against the wall and slip the wire on the back over the anchors. The mirror is now hung securely.

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