How to Launch a Website

By Jonathan Bales , last updated June 29, 2011

Launching a website so that it can garner as much traffic as possible is a tricky task, but one that can be accomplished if you optimize it correctly. Of course, your traffic will only be as sustainable as the quality of your website, so you want to make sure it is visitor-friendly from the beginning. Most importantly, make sure your website is not flash. Flash may look neat, but it is difficult for search engines like Google to crawl through them to obtain information. This means they naturally rank low in search engines, which will be devastating to your traffic. Also be sure your website is easy to navigate and contains colors that are easy on the eyes. You might have a ton of information you want to get out to people, but it will mean nothing if they cannot find it. Simpler is usually better in terms of the format of a new website. Once your website is optimized for traffic, there are a few things you can do during the launch period of your website to gain both short-term and long-term traffic. Read below for tips on how to properly launch your new website.


First, get the news out about your site. Submit articles to free article submission sites like These articles should be loaded with keywords that people will be likely to use when searching for a site similar to yours. Make sure your site's web address is also used heavily in the article. Other websites, like, allow you to publish press releases regarding the launch of your site. While these free sites may seem trivial, they are important in your marketing efforts. Free article and press release submission sites allow you to get the news out about your product, attract visitors, and, most importantly, create inbound links for your website. Google and other search engines recognize these links and will automatically rank your site higher because of them.

Article Submission

The reason article submission is important is because it creates natural traffic that is sustainable. Another manner in which you can create natural traffic is to place a blog on your site. Blogs are incredibly valuable tools in attracting visitors because they optimize your site for search engine rankings. When you create a blog, you can submit it to directories like Technorati. These sites give your site immediate backlinks which get rewarded by search engines. The more blog directories to which you submit your site, the more backlinks you will garner.


Blogging also allows you to link to other bloggers, who will in return often link back to you. By creating a network of backlinks, your site will slowly begin to rise in search engine rankings. The key is to write quality material that is related to the topic or theme of your site. In doing so, people will want to create links to your site. If you get a big site to link to you, you get the benefits of the backlink, as well as all of the traffic from their site. About three posts a week, no more than 500 words, is plenty to get the ball rolling. This amount of content is also enough to have visitors coming back to your site daily in order to see if there is new information for them.

Pay Per Click

Of course, the easiest way to gain traffic is to pay for it. Pay-per-click companies like Google Adwords allow you to pay for traffic by targeting visitors who are interested in the subject of your site. This is because you pay for people who are already searching for terms you have picked. If you run a site about sunglasses, you can set your ads to appear on Google whenever someone searches for "men's sunglasses" or "black sunglasses," for example. The more direct the search term, the more money you will have to pay for each click. "Sunglasses" may cost 50 cents per click, while "red women's sunglasses" may cost you just a few cents.

In the end, you need to make sure the rewards of paying for visitors will be worth the investment. If your site sells a product, you will be able to tell in a short period of time whether or not paying for clicks is worth the investment. If your site is unable to convert visitors into money, there is no sense in paying for people to come to your site, no matter how targeted you think they might be. Converting these visitors ties back into having a clean, optimized website that is easy to navigate. Once that is in place, launching it becomes a breeze.

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