How to Level Your Lawn

By Barry Solomon , last updated May 7, 2011

To get the best looking and healthiest lawn possible, it is a good idea to keep your lawn level. Low lying areas tend to be repositories for water and, if it builds up sufficiently, you can get the formation of destructive mold and fungus. Elevations get the most sun and are prone to developing brown spots. There are steps you can take to level out your lawn and get the appearance of a living green carpet.

Locate the areas that you want to level. Using a spade, cut an outline by pressing it three to four inches into the ground with your foot. Now you can slice the turf down the middle of the outlined area so that you can conveniently remove it. Be careful when you insert the spade under the sod to get it under the root system so that you remove the roots with the sod. Lift and roll the sod up and store it in a cool shady area while you are working on the property. Add or remove soil to bring the area level with the rest of the lawn. Remember that there is still soil attached to the sod, so you have to allow for that when you are calculating how much soil to add to make it level. Water the area thoroughly. And now you can lay down the sod that you removed, adjusting it to fit the new area. Fill in any spaces with more soil, especially the seams. Keep the newly leveled area moist by watering. Once the sod has become re-established, water the lawn normally.

If you are seeking to level a small area that has dipped down, just spread some fresh potting soil over it and allow it to flatten out as the grass grows through the layer of soil. If the problem involves an uneven lawn caused by winter freezing, you can use a water filled roller in the spring to even it out. It is best to do all of this in cooler weather as extra water helps sod grow. And don't fertilize until you see new growth. Then use a general purpose fertilizer which will stimulate root growth and give you a healthy growing green lawn.

If you are working with a grass lawn, you can attack the problem by scalping your lawn with a rotary mower set to its lowest setting. Try to get the grass down to one sixteenth of an inch. Now you can remove any rocks and debris. If necessary, aerate the soil and then top dress it with a good soil mix. Level the soil by dragging a mat over the topdressing. Make sure to drag it in every direction until you are satisfied that the soil is level. Now you can seed it or lay down sod, rolling the seed or sod with a water fillable roller. Fertilize the lawn and it should grow into a nice level yard.

Follow these simple steps and you will have a yard in which you can take pride.

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