How Long Does It Take to Grow an Orange Tree?

By Brandi Brown , last updated January 24, 2012

Orange trees are among the more difficult fruit trees to grow, especially if you are beginning from a seed. In fact, growing orange trees is something that only experienced and lucky gardeners are able to do well. In general, an orange tree seedling will begin to grow within a year after being planted. If the tree is planted in a planter, it will grow only to the size of the container. You will need to move it after a year or possibly two years. If you cannot put the tree outside, which is the best choice, then you should be prepared to purchase larger containers until the orange tree reaches maturity.


The tree will begin to flower in the third year after being planted. When the tree flowers, you will begin to have fruit from it. This early fruit likely will be small and inedible, but after five to seven years, most orange trees will produce good, edible fruit. The tree takes 27 to 30 years to reach maturity in most cases. While the tree will produce fruit during this time, the tree itself will continue to grow. As the grower you need to make sure that you are providing the right type of soil and conditions for your tree.


Think about the places where orange trees grow, such as California and Florida in the United States and in Brazil. These places are hot and sunny for much of the year. Your orange tree will grow best under these conditions. Put your orange tree in the area of your yard that gets the most sun and rain. The tree shouldn’t be at the lowest point so that it will become overrun with water, but it should also get plentiful rainfall to help it grow. When you decide to plant an orange tree, be prepare to commit to this tree’s health and growth for the long term as it’s not an “immediate gratification” type of tree.

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