How Long Does It Take to Grow Peppers?

By Joseph Boyle , last updated February 1, 2012

Before you get started growing peppers, it is nice to have a sense of how long you can expect different varieties to take from planting to harvest. There are all sorts of delicious and spicy varieties of pepper plants out there, including Tabasco, pimiento, cayenne, chili, paprika, and bells. Growing peppers in your garden, especially the red bell variety, can sometimes be a bit tricky.

Most peppers do best in nutrient-rich soil that is well-draining. Peppers require consistent and uniform watering. The soil should be kept consistently moist in order for peppers to reach their full growing potential.

It is best to start peppers from seed indoors when the weather is still cold, and then planted in the soil after the last frost, once the soil begins to warm up in the spring. Peppers require fairly warm weather and do not do well with temperature below 50 degrees.

How long many peppers take to grow is largely a matter of preference. Most varieties can be eaten green or ripe, so it depends on how you like them and which taste you prefer. Peppers can be harvested at any size. When harvesting, for the health of the plant, it is best to cut them from the plant, rather than pick them.

Here are some popular varieties and how long they generally take from being planted to being ripe and ready for harvest. As for hybrid bell varieties, both Bell Boys and Purple Belles take about 70 days to reach harvest. Lady Bells take 72 days. Chocolate bells take 75 days. In the Sweet Frying or Salad Type, Gypsy peppers take 65 days to reach harvest, and Sweet Banana peppers take 70 days. In the Hot Pepper family, both the larger variety of Cayenne and Jalapeno peppers take 70 days. Longer, slimmer Cayenne peppers take 73 days, while Red Chili peppers take 84 days.

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