How to Make a Beaded Room Divider

By Fawn Farley , last updated August 2, 2011

Making a beaded room divider can be a cost effective and uniquely decorative solution to dividing up a space. Beaded room dividers provide air flow between rooms while adding the benefit of privacy. There are many materials one can use to construct a beaded room divider, sometimes referred to as a beaded curtain. Here are some ideas for different solutions to creating a beaded room divider.

First, decide what material you want to use. You can use plastic, acrylic, or glass beads. These will reflect light and look best if placed in a sunny area. If your room divider needs to be long, you may consider using plastic or acrylic beads because glass ones can be expensive. Using cut up drinking straws between beads will minimize the number of beads you need, as well as save time in the beading process. Wooden material, like the renewable resource of bamboo, is also an option.

To begin, you will need some strong fishing line, your beads, and either a wooden dowel or a wooden board to attach the beaded strings to at the top. Measure the width of the room you wish to divide. Consider that you will need one string of beads per half inch. Measure each string to the desired height, plus six inches for knotting. Start each line by knotting a bead to the end of the string. Once you've strung your beads onto the fishing line, attach the strings to the dowel by tying directly to it or by using shower curtain rings that you will then string onto the dowel.

To hang the dowel, adhere eyelets to each end. Place hooks at each end of the divided space. Attach the hooks to the eyelets on the rod. If the length of your divided space is especially long, you may wish to have extra hooks and eyelets at midway points. Homemade bead curtains aren't just an antiquated piece of decoration out of the 1960s! They are a functional, artistic, and unique way to divide and decorate a space.

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