How to Make a Dog Bed

By Roberto Anthony Rivas , last updated February 4, 2011

Making your dog a bed is an easy, cheap, and efficient way to keep your dog comfortable. A major advantage is that you know exactly how big you dog is and which sleeping position he or she likes most. Some dogs love to sleep on their back, some on their belly or their side, and still some twist into pretzel-like contortions.

One way to accomplish this task is to sew your dog a bed. For this method, you will need:

  • Two pillows
  • Sewing thread
  • Sewing pins
  • One large piece of fabric long enough to reach over and around the two pillows lengthwise and widthwise when they are side by side (Soft, heavy-duty fleece is a great option, so you may want to consider this or similar types of fabric. You should still have a little extra fabric where the ends meet in order to sew the ends.)
  • A sewing machine

You will want to start by laying the two pillows side to side. Let one pillow’s side overlap the other pillow by about four inches. By hand, sew the sides that over lap together. Once this is done, you should have “one” large pillow combined between the two.

Your next step is to sew the pillow case. Wrap the pillows with the fabric while making sure that when the ends meet, they overlap by about five to six inches. If you have this done, then it is time to hem both ends of the fabric. Fold them up and add pins every few inches to keep the hem there. It may be useful to iron it as well. Sew the hem in place and do the same for the other end.

At this point, you should have your hems sewed, but there will still be a long piece of fabric. Wrap the fabric around the pillow again tightly with the stitched side out so that when you stitch the sides of the case and turn it inside out, the stitching will be hidden. When you have the pillow wrapped tightly, pin one side closed. Pull the pillow out from the other side. Then, pin both sides closed starting with the side you took the pillow out from.

Sew both sides completely and once done, turn the case inside out. Stuff the pillow into the case and close the overlapping part. Flip it over, and you have a brand new dog bed!

Two pillows shoud be big enough for a medium-sized dog but if you have a smaller or bigger one, you can just add or take away a pillow or two from the outset of your project. You may want to place your dog's new bed inside a shallow basket just a little bit larger than the bed.

Of course, there are many more ways to make a dog bed. If your dog prefers a specific type of blanket, you can lay this blanket inside a large, shallow basket, and your dog will be happy as can be. It will also give your dog an enclosed, safe feeling, which many dogs enjoy while sleeping.

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