How to Make a Homecoming Mum

By Hallie Hammack , last updated January 15, 2012

Homecoming mums are a staple of junior high and high school homecoming celebrations across the country. As the name suggests, these big, elaborate corsages are typically made from chrysanthemums and feature a great deal of embellishments. These embellishments may include ribbons, bells, charms and personalized name cards, all in your school's colors, of course. Whether the football team comes out on top or not, you'll look like a winner in your creative and artfully-designed homecoming mum.

Size and Style

There are several sizes and styles of homecoming mums to choose from. Garter mums are typically worn by boys and feature a single, smaller mum that is no more than 5.5 inches across. These mums feature minimal embellishment compared to most of the mums that girls typically wear. Other options include a single, double and triple homecoming mum, each of which features individual mums that are between 6.5 and 8 inches across. The single mum will have a circular shape, the double an oval shape and the triple mum will be heart-shaped.


You have two basic choices when it comes to selecting a backer for your homecoming mum: plain or premade. Plain backers are great for crafty individuals who want to add all their own ribbons and embellishments. Less crafty individuals can opt for a premade backer, which comes with many stylized embellishments already attached. All you have to do is add the flowers and a few extra charms. Both varieties of backers are available for the garter, single, double and triple mum arrangements.


Most garter mums include ribbons that are no longer than 18 inches, while single, double and triple mums can reach as long as 60 inches. You should select several varieties of decorative ribbon that represent your school colors. Look for different widths, sheens and designs to add more visual interest. At some schools, seniors use gold, silver and white ribbon to denote their last year of high school.

Additional Embellishments

While the essence of the homecoming mum is the flowers and ribbon, many other embellishments are becoming more common. Bells, lace, beads, glitter, feathers and dried flowers are finding their way onto many homecoming mums. Signs of the football season are popular as well. Plastic helmets, footballs and goal posts are making their way into many homecoming mum arrangements.


Your homecoming will be special on its own, but why not give it that little something extra by personalizing your homecoming mum? Use stick-on letters to spell out your school's name, mascot or cheer, and if you happen to be a football player, don't forget to incorporate your jersey number into your design. Names and nicknames can also be written directly onto the ribbon to add further customization. While stick-on letters can't be beat when it comes to neatness, hand written embellishments can also add a special, personal touch. So, if you or a friend has a flair for calligraphy, break out the paint, sharpies or metallic pens and create your own masterpiece.

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