How to Make Roman Shades

By Shannon C , last updated July 30, 2011

Making Roman shades is not as difficult as it may sound. While it is always possible to simply go to a local bath and home goods store and purchase a set of ready-made Roman shades, often it can be easier, cheaper, and more rewarding to simply make your own Roman shades. This is especially the case if you are working with a specific color palette or have a fabric preference that is not readily available. Learn about the basic types of Roman shades and how to make Roman shades for your own interior design project.

The Types of Roman Shades

There are three basic types of Roman shades. The three types are casual, formal, and classic. The difference mainly boils down to the type of fabric and materials used to create the final effect. A casual shade is usually sheer and will not have a lining. Everything about the casual Roman shade is easy to construct, from the placement of the dowels to the sewing of the folds. A formal shade has big wide pleats at the bottom and features a rich elegant fabric. A classic shade will always have a lining, regardless of the material thickness.

How to Make Roman Shades

For materials, you will need two yards of fabric cut width-wise to fit your window, header board, ring tape (available from a craft store), a needle and thread, eight dowel rods to fit your window, pins, a sewing machine, scissors, glue sticks and a hot glue gun, a pencil for marking, fusible webbing tape (available from a craft store), three screw eyes and hooks, a ruler and nylon cord.

To start, hem the edges by folding the edge of the material under and securing it with webbing tape, then ironing it. Next, measure eight equal pockets, mark those pockets, then sew them and insert each of the eight dowels. Turn your material over to the inside and lay it out flat. Take the ring tape and cut it into equal sections in equal lengths with the width of the Roman shade material. Using the hot glue gun, glue the sections of ring tape across where the dowels will fit through. Next, you will need to mount the Roman shade on the header board. Use a hand or electric drill to screw the three eye rings into the header board at equal intervals.

Then, cut a length of the nylon cord that is twice as long as the window is high. Tie the cord to one ring at the bottom right hand side, then thread the ring back through and up and through the screw eye at the top right. Cut another length of cord the exact same size as the first, then tie the cord to one ring in at the bottom left hand side, then thread the ring back up and through the screw ring at the top left. Pull both cords so that the Roman blind material is exactly even on both sides, then make a knot at the top and bottom of both cords. Finally, you are ready to mount your Roman shade!

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