How to Make a Warm Quilt for Winter

By Shannon C , last updated December 8, 2011

If you are interested in making your own warm quilt for winter this year, then you will be encouraged to learn just how easy it can be to make a quilt yourself to enjoy all winter long. Quilt-making has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity in recent years, with quilt shows making the national rounds and gathering in quilt hobbyists and professionals from all over the country to share ideas and enjoy learning more about their craft. Learn how to make a warm quilt for yourself or a loved one this winter and join the growing numbers of Americans who are finding enjoyment in this ancient craft.

What you Will Need to Make a Warm Quilt

Since you are making a winter quilt, you will need two sheets of fabric (preferably cotton or fleece) and one slightly smaller length and width warm blanket. You will also need sharp sewing scissors, safety pins (the larger the better), thread, an iron, a large tapestry or sewing needle, yarn for the needle, a thimble, and, if available, a sewing machine.

Making the Quilt

To begin making your quilt, lay out the first piece of fabric you have chosen on the ground. Now, lay the second piece of fabric you have chosen on top of the first piece of fabric so the edges are even with the bottom piece of fabric. Now, lay the warm blanket on top of it so that there is an even border of fabric around the blanket. For best results, the border should be at least two inches wide. Now, use the safety pins to pin all three of the layers together and hold them while you are sewing. You will want to pin all around the border of the blanket and also use several safety pins on the interior to ensure a smooth finished quilt.

Now that your sheets and blanket are firmly pinned, trim away three of the four edges of the under-sheets to match the border of the blanket. Leave the fourth edge of fabric alone. Use your sewing needle or sewing machine to sew all three of the matching edges closed together. Allow for a 5/8 inch seam. When you are done, make a diagonal cut with the scissors across each of the closed sewn edges and then use your iron to press apart the edges of the two sheets along the sewn seam. When this is done, remove all of the safety pins (very important!) and then you can turn the quilt inside out so that the blanket is now between the two sheets of fabric. Use the tapestry needle and thimble to sew the fourth edge shut.

Now it is time for the final step, which is to hand-sew the three layers of the quilt together using a technique called "tie quilting". For this, take your tapestry needle and yarn and pierce all three layers, then pull the needle back up through. When you can see both ends of the thread, make a tie. Do this throughout your quilt to finish it.

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