How to Max Out Your Mobile Ad Campaign

By Matt Smolsky , last updated January 22, 2012

Mobile phones are the most intimate form of advertising. You can target your message directly at your customers and prospects. At the same time, mobile phones are social, and they're the easiest way to create a viral buzz. This combination of personal and social makes mobile phones the most exciting way to communicate with customers and prospects since the advent of radio.

Define Your Objectives

The very first objective of a mobile campaign is to define your objectives. Develop clear, attainable goals for your campaign. There's a wealth of geographic, demographic, and psychographic usage data available, not to mention time-of-day data. Quick tip: Don't message during odd hours, and avoid weekends unless it's relevant to your customer.

As you define your objectives, be aware of the technology needed to achieve them. And don't be afraid to try something you've never tried before. For example, mobile payments can make purchasing a one-click checkout.

Be Social

Social networking with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and others is the fastest growing category among mobile phone users. If you're going to launch a mobile campaign, then you simply have to have a social presence. People are making purchases based of off recommendations and information received via their social network. There's a huge portion of customers who interact primarily via social networking. They key is to go where your customers are and test. Also, you'll need to watch trends. Google+ is becoming more of a factor for businesses.

Stay on Message

Brevity is the soul of wit, according to Shakespeare. It's also the soul of mobile marketing success. Your mobile advertising message must be short, clear, and to-the-point. Every mobile ad must include a call to action and have a sense of urgency. Even if you're creating an awareness campaign, you still need to drive interaction, which means you need at least a call to action to visit your website or click through to another page. Keep in mind that a call to action doesn't have to be a request to buy. It can be something as simple as an interesting article or video. If fact, simply sharing information is a great way to build trust and loyalty with your customers. Quick tip: Optimize your pages for mobile phones, don't just expect your regular web pages to handle the traffic.

Be Relevant

You've probably heard the saying, "relevancy is King, and content is Queen." What this means is that your customers want content that means something to them. This can be anything from a snippet of copy or a short video to a rich, interactive online experience. Since mobile phones are capable of handling larger streams, you can fully explore and test your content options. Just be sure to keep your message on target. Any distraction will cause a loss of interest and an instantaneous click away from your ad.

QR Codes

QR codes, printed codes that are scannable by smart phones, are a great way to engage your customers in your mobile campaign when they're shopping or reading a print ad. They're easy to scan and fit nicely on signage or even the smallest ads. The customer can be directed to any web page you want. It's a great way to feature a coupon, video, or compelling article about your product or service. Quick tip: As with most things related to the Internet, change in mobile technology happens fast, so stay on top of the trends.

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