How to Pick the Perfect Veil

By Laura Richter , last updated June 7, 2011

Brides often wonder how to pick the perfect veil. The style and length of your wedding veil will have an impact on your entire ensemble. Knowing the options can help you make the right choice.


Wedding veils come in many lengths. Shoulder-length veils are a maximum of 24-inches. They cover the head, reaching down to the upper back. Regal length veils are the longest veils. At 120-inches, these veils sprawl out behind the bride. There are many lengths between these two extremes.

Add personality to your wedding ensemble with the length of the veil. You can offset a tight, sleeveless dress with a longer veil. Boatneck dresses look sassy with a shoulder-length veil.

Volume, Layers and Edges

Designers create volume in veils by adding layers of material. Most veils have one or two layers. One-layer veils usually have the option of having a detachable layer that covers the face called a blusher. Two-layer veils create volume by using extra fabric and having a space in the headpiece between each layer.

Another consideration is how the veil lies on your body. Drop veils look as though a single piece of fabric covers on the head. Cascade veils are shorter on the sides and longer in the back. Drop and Cascade veils can add a feminine, traditional touch to any wedding ensemble.

You can get a veil that has edges outlined in silver, gold, satin, or ribbon. The edges may also be cut to resemble scallops. Veils with no details on the edges are also available. When picking a detailed edge, make sure that it does not call attention away from your dress.

Birdcage Veils

Birdcage veils closely cover the head and face area. They are held in place by an accent piece called a fascinator. The fabric of the veils may differ. Some birdcage veils use nets; other veils have nylon. Fascinators are usually made of exotic feathers. Birdcage veils look fabulous with vintage wedding dresses and bridal suits.

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