How to Plant Cedar Seeds

By Shannon C , last updated June 13, 2011

Cedar trees, those tall and majestic pine tree relatives, have a lengthy life span and can reach more than 100 feet high for some varietals. Looking at these stately specimens, it can be hard to imagine that once a giant cedar tree began from a tiny seed. However, cedar trees are still commonly grown from seeds today, and it is an easy project that even beginning gardeners can complete without reservation. Learn from experts how to prepare and plant cedar seeds so you and your family can enjoy the elegant beauty of a giant cedar tree for generations to come.

Preparing to Plant Cedar Seeds

Some varietals of cedar tree may have slightly different preferences and care requirements, so it is important to consult the specific preferences of the varietal selected before planting cedar seeds. Most cedar varietals will prefer loose, moist soil with access to regular hydration and drainage. Cedar trees prefer full sunlight conditions whenever possible.

How to Plant Cedar Seeds

The first step is to germinate the cedar seeds by washing them, letting them dry overnight, then placing them in a plastic storage container that is airtight. Leave them in a warm undisturbed location overnight to germinate. Next, it is time to transfer the seeds to a pot for sprouting. Plant each seed one half inch below the soil surface and offer one half cup water daily as seeds begin sprouting. Make sure the pot has access to plenty of indoor sunlight. After the seedlings sprout, it is time to move them to their permanent home outside. Dig a six inch deep hole to install the new seedling. When planting more than one seedling remember that mature trees will need plenty of room so space the seedlings accordingly. Pack in the soil tight around the seedling and water thoroughly and as needed while the seedling grows.

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