How to Plant Pansies

By Roberto Anthony Rivas , last updated May 4, 2011

If you’re the type of person that loves to see a colorful and full garden of flowers year round, then pansies are the perfect flower to plant. They are hardy enough to last through even some of the worse frosts and single-digit temperatures and then they will blossom like any other flower in the Spring.

If you’re looking for a flower like this, icicle and viola pansies are the ones to look for. There is such a high chance of them lasting frosts that they come with a money back guarantee. When selecting your flowers, be sure to pick ones that are compact—not leggy or root bound since they will have a hard time becoming established.

When it comes time to plant, the temperature will make the difference between a plant that lasts the frosts and blooms even better in the spring, and one that withers and dies. The perfect soil temperature to plant them is between 45 and 65 degrees. If you plant below 45, the roots will become stunted and above 65 the plants won’t flower as well as they should and they won’t last a frost. When planted correctly, the flowers will last up to eight months.

If you’re planting your flowers in a bed, make sure there is no mulch since this will result in a nitrogen deficiency for the pansies. Pansies enjoy a well-drained, rich soil in a sunny area that gets a couple of hours of shade too. It's imperative that they have a well-drained bed because they can become oversaturated when the snow and ice melt at the end of the winter. Rotted manure or compost is okay for them. When planting, space each flower between six and ten inches apart since this will also ensure good circulation between each plant.

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