How to Prune Lantana Plants

By Renee Gerber , last updated May 17, 2011

Lantana is a lovely plant that is best grown for ornamental purposes, particularly for landscaping. It boasts blooms in a wide variety of colors, including yellow, pink, purple and orange, during the growing season. If you are planning on growing lantana in your garden or front yard, you will have to occasionally prune them. It is important to know how to properly do this so that the plant remains healthy.

Pruning lantana, as with pruning any other considerably large plant, is for generally two reasons. One is to maintain the overall health of the plant and the other is to control the shape and size of the plant. Pruning can also prevent crowding, which can adversely affect other plants growing around the lantana.

When you prune your lantana plants, make sure you do so at any time of the year that is preferable to you. There is generally no set rule as to a specific season when you should do your pruning. However, the one season you should doing it is fall, as this can lead to premature blooming of a lantana during the winter, and the plant cannot withstand the stress of blooming during freezing temperatures and snow.

Always have a good, clean, sharp set of pruning shears handy to do your cutting. Keep them clean with rubbing alcohol or bleach so as to prevent the spread of disease between cuttings of your different plants. Prune back your lantana to between six inches and a foot from the ground. Pay close attention to dead, diseased and damaged limbs and stems. You can also prune lightly throughout the growing season to stimulate the growth of new buds. To do this, you should cut back to only between one and three inches.

After you prune your lantana plant, you should place some fertilizer around its soil bed. This will help to keep the plant properly nourished as well as to revitalize it so that it can more quickly produce new growth.

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