How to Shape Bamboo

By Hj Jung , last updated September 21, 2011

Shaping your bamboo plant might help shape your luck. According to Chinese superstition, bamboo plants bring good fortune into your home. Shaping a bamboo plant does take time but with a little patience and effort, you’ll successfully turn your bamboo into a shape that pleases you. Here are some guidelines on how to shape your bamboo.

The twisted shape is the most common shape that lucky bamboo growers use. This shape is achieved by forcing the plant to lean towards the light. The first thing you’ll need is a cardboard box that can fit both your bamboo plant and pot. The bottom and one side of the box can be cut away and disposed. The remainder of the container should be able to house the plant.

Place an artificial light source beside the open part of the box. As the days go by, you will notice the bamboo plant leaning towards the light. After the plant has sufficiently reached out towards the light, turn the plant away from the light so that it will be forced to turn and grow towards the light from a different direction. Then turn it away from the light again. Repeat this process until the desired shape is achieved.

For a more arbitrary and varied look, try experimenting with your bamboo plant and the light placement. Since the process of shaping can take months, you will have the time to give some thought to what kind of shape you’d like.

This process does take time. The best thing to do while you shape your bamboo is to be patient with it, and enjoy the process of shaping and watching your bamboo grow.

Be sure to water your lucky bamboo regularly. Add fertilizer every three to four weeks to help your plant to thrive.

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