How to Treat Water-Damaged Carpets

By Justin Graves , last updated December 21, 2011

Treating your water-damaged carpets can be a challenging process, and its success will depend largely on how badly your carpets were damaged to begin with. Generally, the most common causes of carpet water damage include busted pipes, flooding and leaks in the roof. As a rule, the more quickly you can respond to the water damage with an effective treatment, the greater your chances of success will be. If you leave water damaged carpets untreated for a significant amount of time, you may be required to replace your floor and other components of your home as well. If you notice any water damage in your carpet, the first step is to determine its source. By knowing the cause of the water damage, you will be able to treat it more effectively and quickly. If you have experienced unsanitary flooding conditions, then you'll most likely need to replace the carpet entirely. However, if the cause of the water damage is determined to be sanitary, then there are several steps you can take to treat it effectively.

First, you should mark off the damaged area and remove all furniture and other items that can further cause damage to the damp carpet. If the water is coming from an outside source such as a pipe or hole, you need to have the problem fixed immediately by a professional. Otherwise, any efforts to treat your carpet will fail if the source of the problem still remains. To begin removing the water, you may need to rent a water pump or shop-vac to effectively remove the water from the carpet. It is also highly important that you get the carpet dry within 12 hours, or you'll risk the spread of potentially dangerous bacteria. You can use a strong carpet disinfectant to reduce any risks as well. Finally, be sure to use carpet fans so your carpet can dry quicker.

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