How to Use a Grass Seed Blanket

By Matt Smolsky , last updated October 13, 2011

A grass seed blanket is a great way to help seeds germinate in existing lawns. They lie on top of the grass, and you're spared the work involved with sowing seeds. After you lay the grass seed blanket and the seeds germinate, they mesh in the blanket biodegrades.

Benefits of a Grass Seed Blanket

Grass seed blankets can reduce erosion, protect your seeds from birds and water run off, and enhance germination. Depending upon your lawn's condition, the result can be a healthier and greener looking lawn. The erosion control properties of a grass seed blanket make them ideal for slopes and areas prone to erosion.


The first step in using a grass seed blanket is to measure the area where you want to add new grass seed. Purchase the amount of grass seed blanket that you'll need. After measuring, pull weeds, debris, and dead grass from the area. Spread fertilizer formulated for new grass seed.

Plant in the Fall

Since grass seed grows best in the fall, you should also aerate your lawn. Consider dethatching your lawn as well. If you don't dethatch it, then be sure to rake the area with a stiff garden rake to loosen the soil. This will give the grass seed the best chance at germinating, as softer soil will help it put down roots.

Sow the Grass Seed

Using either a push-style spreader or a hand spreader, sow the grass seed evenly across the area. Be careful not to over seed. The garden center where you purchase your seed will be able to tell you how much to spread.

Attach the Seed Blanket

Place the grass seed blanket over the area you just reseeded, with the net side facing up. Insert biodegradable stakes, and water the area twice a day to keep the soil moist. As the grass begins to grow, water several times a week until the grass reaches two or three inches tall.

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