How to Wear Animal Print Leggings

By Fawn Farley , last updated December 13, 2011

Wearing animal print leggings is a daring fashion statement, and you may be wondering just how you can pull it off. What can you wear with a print so bold? While wearing black with your animal print is the simple solution, there are many more tips and tricks for how to wear animal print. Shoe and top style, accessories, and more are all taken into consideration.

You've got a pair of animal printing leggings, and you're wondering how in the world you can piece together an outfit that is playful yet alluring and not a fashion faux pas. Tried and true, the answer is wear it with black. Black shoes, a black dress, a black top, a black jacket. Wearing more than one animal print at a time should never be attempted in public. Avoid matching multiple prints of any kind. Keep it solid when matching with the chaotic nature of an animal print. For a lighter, flirty look, try wearing tan or beige instead of black. Depending on your animal print, you could pick a color in the pattern and match with that.

Don't wear it too large. Too much animal print can simply be an eyesore. For this reason, it can be best to pair your animal print leggings with a skirt, dress, or long shirt. This will keep the animal print confined to a smaller area around the knees. Another reason for doing this is to cover up your booty. Leggings are not always the most flattering pair of pants a lady can wear. Avoid wearing a short top with your leopard or tiger-striped leggings.

Wearing tall boots can also minimize the surface area of the print, not to mention look super sexy with a pair of leggings. Other shoes choices for leggings are high heels, high heeled ankle boots, and flats. High heels can be especially provocative, making your legginged legs look longer. If you already have long legs, you may prefer to wear your animal print leggings with flats. Your shoe choice should fit the color scheme. Black is always a good, grounding choice. Other nude or natural colors should work alright as well, depending on the animal print pattern of choice.

Accessorizing can always make or break an outfit. Gold tends to be an excellent choice for pairing with animal print. It's flashy, exotic, and blends with the color scheme. If you have leopard print leggings, pair them with a fitting black dress, gold belt, little black jacket, black high heel boots, and a thick gold bangle bracelet. Accessories are the only thing you should match with your animal print leggings, but be careful not to overdo it. An accent of the animal print on your purse or high heels can be a great way to bring it all together.

Of course when deciding the appropriate shoes, top, and accessories to go with your animal print leggings, consider your own body type as well as the occasion. Animal print leggings are as hip and exotic as the zebras, leopards, and tigers that inspire them, but they are equally dangerous. This means take caution whenever donning your animal print leggings. They are not for everybody.

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