How to Wear a Men's Safari Jacket

By Renee Gerber , last updated December 23, 2011

Men's safari jackets are not only practical but very stylish outer garments. You don't necessarily have to be going on vacation to the Outback in Australia or to Africa to go on safari to wear these great jackets. You can buy them at any store that sells outerwear and travel clothing and at sporting goods stores as well. There are plenty of ways you can wear a great men's safari jacket that are up and up with the trends of fashion today.

Cool and Casual

One of the best ways to wear a men's safari jacket is to don it over a very relaxed and casual outfit. Since these types of garments were originally meant to be worn while on safari in Africa, they are generally made in a neutral color, such as beige or olive green. Wearing them with a great pair of khaki pants, a tee shirt, or a great button down shirt is a great way to make a fashion statement. Another good alternative is to wear a safari jacket with a favorite worn pair of jeans, which works no matter what color the jacket is.

Casual Elegance

Also, while a men's safari jacket will generally be suitable for wear by a man, this is not to say that women can't wear one. If it is appropriately sized, a woman can make quite a fashion statement as well. A pair of casual slacks and a single color sweater is a great outfit a woman can wear while showing off a safari jacket. A turtleneck might work best because the neckline will show up over the jacket, adding a sort of casual elegant flair to the look.

Color Coordinate

When you buy a men's safari jacket, whether you shop for a chic one at Eddie Bauer or visiting an establishment that sells genuine safari jackets and specializes in such garments, you should always consider the color of the garment in relation to your skin color and tone. Beige might not necessarily look good on everyone, and if a safari jacket in that color too closely matches your own, it can make you appear washed out. A good move is to opt for one in another color, such as olive green or navy blue. You may even find some of these fantastic jackets in a variety of colors, such as a plaid or camouflage pattern.

Dress it Up

Who's to say that just because a safari jacket is generally a casual garment that you can't dress it up a little from time to time? There is no law that states you can't wear it over your favorite business suit. If your safari jacket is your absolute favorite or it's simply the warmest you own for the chilly fall season, you might want to wear it even over your more dressy attire. While it is not recommended to wear a safari jacket to a business meeting where your colleagues and clients will see you in it along with your suit, if you are simply traveling to work, there's nothing wrong with opting to wear it. After all, when you arrive at your office, you will take it off and everyone will see you in your suit.

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