How to Wear Skinny Jeans for Men

By Elizabeth Freeman , last updated June 14, 2011

The skinny jeans trend isn't strictly for women. If you're a man with trim legs and a slim body, you can wear skinny jeans while looking good. The trick to wearing skinny jeans for guys, and in some cases, for women, is to keep things on the simple side. You're already bringing attention to your legs just by wearing tight pants, so there's no need to go over-the-top with the rest of your outfit.

Not every man can or should wear skinny jeans. If the thought of wrapping your legs in tight fabric for hours at a time makes you shudder, or if the idea of having to look at that makes you shudder, stick with a looser fitting pair of pants. If you're in doubt, try on a pair at the store and ask a trusted friend for her advice. Don't ask the salesperson, as it's his job to sell you the pants, not give you honest fashion help.

When you try on the jeans, take some time to make sure they really fit. Walk back and forth in the dressing room to measurement how much your movement is restricted. If it won't make you feel silly, try running a bit. Sit down on the bench provided in the room and see how it feels. Check to see if you can cross your legs or move them while sitting.

For the most movement and comfort, look for a pair of skinny jeans with stretch. A number of jeans makers and retail stores offer jeans for guys that are cut slightly wider in the thighs and knees. You may have to cross over into the women's department to find the jeans you long for, though. Do it proudly and with confidence and no one will make fun of you or even notice you're poking around in the stacks of women's jeans.

Don't wear a shirt that you'll have to tuck in with the jeans, since everyone will be able to see the ends of the shirt crammed into the waistband. Slim cut t-shirts, whether short or long sleeved are your best pick to wear on top of skinny jeans, either for a casual look or a night out. Add a bit more trendiness to your outfit by pulling a sweater vest over the t-shirt. The vest can be button down or pullover. If you want to class things up a bit, go for a well-fitted suit vest instead of a sweater vest.

You can wear a button-down with the jeans. Opt for a shirt that grazes the hips instead of stretching past the buttocks. Like the jeans, the shirt should fit close to the body too. It shouldn't be skin-tight, though. A dark solid color or a stylish plaid will look great.

Since bulk in the hip and thigh area is what you want to avoid when wearing skinny jeans, you may have to change your standard choice of underwear. Boxers are definitely too loose to wear with skinnies and boxer briefs may even be a bit too much. Look for a pair of low-rise briefs to wear underneath. If you must, you can also skip the underwear entirely to prevent bunching and discomfort.

Keep the accessories to a minimum with your skinny jeans. Opt for a leather belt no wider than an inch. If you must have details, a studded belt will add a punk edge to your outfit without looking extreme.

A fedora will look great paired with a suit vest and skinny jeans. In colder weather, top things off with a knit beanie. Remember to keep things clean and simple and avoid hats with embellishments such as a knit patterns or pom-poms.

Canvas sneakers such as Converse are always a sure bet with skinny jeans, since the shoes work for punks, skaters, and average Joes. If you find Converse to be uncomfortable, try a pair of canvas or leather skate shoes, such as Vans or Etnies. Simple black leather shoes with laces will work too. For an edgier look, try wearing boots tucked into the hems of the jeans.

Skinny jeans come in a range of colors. Dark rinse or black jeans are great for everyday wear. If you're used to standing out, go for a pair in more interesting color. Look for skinny jeans in shades of gray or rainbow colors. Dark green or purple jeans will look great with a black t-shirt and buttoned-up suit vest. Unless you're really pale and blond, it's best to leave the extremely light, faded skinny jeans on the shelf. They tend to make your legs look wider.

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