Ideas for a Whole-House Paint Color Scheme

By Shannon C , last updated September 13, 2011

When searching for ideas for a whole-house paint color scheme, there are many color palettes and themes to choose from. Buying a new house is exciting, but choosing the color scheme of your new house is even more exciting. Even better, a new whole-house paint color scheme can make your house that you've lived in for years feel like a brand new house all over again with just a switch of the color palette. When you are searching for ideas for a whole-house paint color scheme that can give your house a new lease on life, it can be helpful to think through your overall strategy, incorporating the whole-house paint color scheme into the overall indoor and outdoor decor, including the landscape, surrounding structures, and overall look and feel you would like your freshly painted house to convey. Learn from experts about ideas for a whole-house paint color scheme you can fall in love with, and choose the ideas that work best for you.

Embrace the Neutrals

One great whole-house paint color scheme that can work equally well indoors and out of doors is the neutral color scheme. Consisting of soft whites, ivories, beiges, tans, and even browns, a neutral color scheme shifts the burden of visual interest onto the surrounding decor, be it the garden landscape in an outdoor setting or the furniture and artwork in an indoor setting. A neutral color scheme is easy to maintain and touch up, offers great flexibility if you are the type who likes to change up your landscape or interior decor seasonally or as your tastes change, and blends well with nearly any other decor or design idea you may have.

Shaded Neutrals

Shaded neutrals, which consist of neutral tones like off-white or grey that have a hint of blush, rose, purple, gold, or even black, are the modern sophisticate's answer to the neutral color scheme. Livening up the room with a more vivid undertone in the secondary color, these shaded neutrals can pick up accents and make the room, or the whole house, "pop" visually to admiring visitors. Shaded neutrals make it easier to convey a theme from room to room and from indoors to outdoors.

Whitewashed Color

Whitewashing, always a staple of rural country charm, has made its way into the mainstream big leagues in recent years, working equally well to accent rustic country furnishings and contemporary minimalistic or Zen-inspired decor. A whitewashed room will stay bright and attractive seasonally, reflecting the light sunbeams of spring and bringing out the deep brightness of early-onset dusk and dawn in the cooler seasons.

Contrasting Color Duos

Another great whole-house paint color scheme is contrasting color duos. Here, pick one primary and one secondary color and use the secondary color as an accent color on borders, shutters, an entry way iron or wood fence, eaves, and accent ornamentation on the frame of the house. Indoors, pick a single wall to paint in the secondary accent color and use that color as a theme to tie the decor in the room together. Keep the same secondary color throughout or pick a new secondary accent color for each room to give continuity throughout the interior of the home.

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