Important Things to Know About Medical School Scholarships

By Jonathan Bales , last updated January 9, 2012

Medical school is very expensive, and many students have a tough time funding it. While those who graduate medical school are set up to do well in their careers, many are left with a staggering amount of debt. Fortunately, there are a variety of medical school scholarships available to aid students in paying for their education. Medical school scholarships are highly competitive because nearly everyone who attends medical school needs the extra money, and they are usually among the brightest students from their undergraduate college. Read below for more information on medical school scholarships, where to find them, and how to receive one.

Scholarships From Medical Schools

There are a few places where one can obtain a medical school scholarship. The most logical place is also often the most overlooked: the medical schools to which you apply. Medical schools want to have the brightest students attend, so they often provide tuition costs to the cream of the crop. If your grades were outstanding in college, you might very well be able to secure a medical school scholarship from the school you want to attend. Search different medical schools and find out what types of scholarships they offer. You can contact their financial aid office to find out if you are eligible and submit your application.

Scholarships From Private Organizations

Another source of medical school scholarships are private organizations. These companies offer scholarships that can be significant in the amount to students who display the sort of traits they choose. Some scholarships are designed just for women, others for students from low-income families, and so on. Sometimes, medical companies will give scholarships to students in exchange for a promise of future work. In this way, companies can secure the best future medical professionals before they graduate medical school, thus eliminating the competition. Students benefit from for the obvious reason of free or reduced education costs, and future job security.

Examples of medical school scholarships from private organizations include the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation and the Myrtle Siegfried M.D. and Michael Vigilante M.D. Scholarship fund. You must live in a designated region to qualify for that scholarship. While this means the scholarship is not for everyone, it also decreases the potential competition.

Scholarships Online

The best way to find a medical school scholarship is to search online, in places like the Scholarships website. There, you can find a near comprehensive list of medical school scholarships by filtering them. Many of these are specific to certain medical schools, but others are for anyone. Apply to as many as possible. The easiest way to secure a medical school scholarship is not only to have a great academic history and standardized test scores, but also to maximize your chances by applying to them in abundance.

Make Your Application Stand Out

When applying for medical school scholarships, you should discuss what distinguishes you from other applicants. Many students write about their high grades or rigorous course load, but nearly every student applying to medical school has these things. Instead, focus on personal details or things you possess which others do not. Explain in your essay, which is the most important part of a scholarship application, how it has been your life's goal to attend medical school. Detail how you plan to excel after you graduate medical school as well. Always make your essay specific to the scholarship for which you are applying. Ultimately, you need to show not only why you are deserving of the scholarship, but also why you are the most deserving of all applicants.

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