Inexpensive Christmas Gifts We Love

By Renee Gerber , last updated November 21, 2011

With the holiday season just around the corner, you will have to begin shopping for Christmas gifts for people in your life. This includes not only family and close friends but occasionally other individuals, such as coworkers and other acquaintances. At the same time, you may find yourself a bit strapped for cash, which is not unusual for many during the holidays. In this instance, you can look to buy great inexpensive Christmas gifts for people.

Gift Certificate

As a general rule, many people purchase gift certificates for family members and friends when they are uncertain as to what specifically they would want for Christmas. Just about every store you can think of sells gift certificates so that important people in your life can simply use that to buy whatever they want. This is actually a great idea because you can get a gift certificate from a person's favorite store and they can buy something they really want or need. It is very varied as well, as you can get a gift certificate from stores like Kohl's, Victoria's Secret, Toys 'R Us, Best Buy and many, many more. You can also get it at different monetary amounts, usually in increments of $25.

Coffee/Tea Mug

A great inexpensive gift for someone at Christmas is a mug. Most people drink coffee or tea, or even both, so they could certainly use another mug in which to drink it. Generally speaking, this may be a perfect present to get for a coworker, and if your office is holding a Secret Santa or grab bag event for the holidays. It is something that anyone can enjoy and get use out of, and they can even keep it on their desk for use at work.

USB Thumb Drive

Since everyone has the need for hard drive space on their computers, a great idea of an inexpensive gift for Christmas is to buy someone a USB thumb drive. If you know someone who is constantly on the go, such as a student who needs to tote their homework with them yet can't bring their computer with them, a thumb drive is perfect. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness. These items can be bought at a store like Staple's for relatively cheap prices, and you can buy one with a minimum of four gigabytes or larger.

Bath and Beauty Set

Many people shop for wonderful gifts that are inexpensive for Christmas for women in their lives at stores such as Bath and Body Works. You can buy a fabulous bath and beauty kit that contains aromatic and soothing bath oils, luxurious liquid soaps and more items. These are generally quite cheap and practical presents that every woman will enjoy. You can also buy a great makeup kit that features a wide array of colors so that the woman who is receiving the gift has plenty of options to wear.


Another excellent Christmas gift that is inexpensive to buy someone is a CD or DVD. If you know some artists or genres of music the individual likes, it is a great idea to get a CD by someone similar that they do not already have. If the person is a movie buff, you can get them a DVD in the genre they love, whether it is horror, comedy, drama or anything else. One that features a favorite actor is also a great idea.

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