How to Install a Certificate on a Nokia E51

By Jacob Michael , last updated March 13, 2012
Nokia E51 phones may have difficulty installing DER-encoded SSL certificates from your SAP Keystone-secured website due to a common problem with the E51 and other Symbian OS 60 phones. When attempting to access the site, the E51 Web browser may be prompted to download and install a DER-encoded authentication certificate before an error message appears; common errors include “File type unknown” or a “This site has sent an untrusted certificate” message. To fix the problem you’ll need to download the certificate file from the Keystore Administration panel onto your computer, upload it to a Web-based uploader and then download the file again with the E51 Web browser.

Upload with the Web-Based Certificate Uploader

  1. Launch your computer’s Web browser and open the SAP administration website.
  2. Click System Administration in the top menu.
  3. Click Keystore Administration in the left-hand panel.
  4. Click the “Download verify.der File” button on the Keystore Administration screen.
  5. Select a location to save the file to and click “Save.”
  6. Open the Web-based certificate uploader website.
  7. Click the “Browse” button in the Upload Certificate section.
  8. Select the verify.der file that you created earlier and click “Open.”
  9. Click the “Submit” button. After the uploader processes the file you’ll be given the Web address that you’ll use to import the certificate with the Nokia E51 Web browser.

Import the Certificate with the Nokia E51

  1. Press the Nokia E51’s selection key, select the Menu icon, select Web and press the selection key.
  2. Enter the Web address that you obtained from the Web-based certificate uploader. Select Go To and press the selection key.
  3. Select “Import” when prompted. The browser will import and install the authentication certificate.
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