How to Install a Keyhole Hanger

By Leah Waldron , last updated March 13, 2012
Keyhole hangers are ideal for displaying lightweight wall items such as plaques, signs, cabinets and shelving. Both heavy-duty and standard keyhole hangers provide a flush fitting that gives the hanging object a floating appearance on the wall. Kits include metal keyhole plates, plastic wall anchors, pan-head screws and, in heavy-duty kits, washers for added durability. Inexpensive and easy to install, keyhole hanger kits come in a variety of sizes and types, depending on the brand. Most kits include two wall anchors, four shorter pan-head screws, two longer pan-head screws and two keyhole plates.
  1. Lay the hanging object face down on a clean, smooth surface.
  2. Place the keyhole hanger plates on the uppermost left and right corners of the object you are hanging. The keyhole hanger plates must each be equidistant from the top of the object. The narrow keyhole section faces the top of the hanging object.
  3. Screw both keyhole hanger plates into the object to be hanged with the four shorter pan-head screws. Each keyhole hanger plate requires two pan-head screws for a secure fitting.
  4. Bend the keyhole plate's narrow section slightly toward you to leave room for a screw to pass through.
  5. Measure the distance between the two installed keyhole hanger plates on the hanging object. Mark the two areas on the wall at the same width apart. The marks must be level.
  6. Tap the two plastic wall anchors into the two marked spots with a hammer. Insert the wall anchors into the holes and tap into the wall until flush.
  7. Screw both of the longer pan-head screws into the two wall anchors with a screw driver. Allow one-eighth of an inch protrusion from the wall for each screw.
  8. Hang the object by inserting the protruding wood screws into the narrow keyhole section of the hanger plates.
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