Installing Carpet Stair Treads

By Barry Solomon , last updated January 25, 2012

If you want to freshen the look of your staircase, installing new carpet stair treads is a wonderful and colorful way. Carpeted treads are also easier on the feet when walking. Here you will learn how to put in new carpet stair treads.

Prep Work

The tread is the part of the step that you actually walk on. It sits on top of the riser and is usually made of wood. If the carpet will not completely cover the wood, then you should start by refinishing the existing wood treads. If it will cover the entire tread, then all you have to do is to thoroughly clean the wood treads and make sure that they are level. You may have to sand or use chemicals if there is any adhesive on the treads from a prior carpeting installation. If the stairs are worn down in the center, then use a floor leveler to level them out.

Installing Traditional Carpet Treads

There are two types of carpet treads. The old fashioned type is like a small area rug that does not cover the entire wood tread. To install this type, measure from the two sides of the tread and from the beginning of the tread to the next riser to get it centered. Once you have located the position, then simply peel off the protection on the two-sided carpet tape and press the tread down into place. Push the edges of the carpet down to make sure there is complete adhesion to the wood tread.

Installing Regular Carpet Pieces

The other approach is to use regular carpet pieces that cover the entire wood tread. First, lay padding to cover the entire wooden tread and staple it into place. Then, attach a tackless strip on the back of the carpet tread. Pull the carpet tight around the front edge of the tread and staple it up underneath the edge. You can bring the carpet right to the edge of the wooden tread or you can leave a couple of inches showing on each side, depending on your taste.

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