Introduction to Collecting Pens

By Elizabeth Hannigan , last updated December 21, 2011

Collecting pens you love is easy and simple with a bit of introduction to the topic. Now that most written communication is achieved with keyboards, pens are starting to seem more and more exotic and romantic. If you loathe seeing the death of the handwritten missive, you can indulge your nostalgia with a collection of pens. You aren't the only pen fan in the world. The Pen Collectors of America, an organization dedicated to keeping the history of writing instruments alive, has over 400 fans on Facebook. Join them today and start building a really cool collection of writing instruments of your own.

Choose a Theme

There are all sorts of pens you can find. If you want to build a nice collection, the best way to do that is to choose a type of pen you can collect. For example, you can collect antique pens or fountain pens. That way, you can learn all about your specific favorite type and make more educated decisions before making purchases. You will also grow a nice, cohesive collection, as opposed to just buying all sorts of different pens at random.

Start Small

Pen collecting can be a very expensive hobby, with some pens costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. If pen collecting is new to you, don't jump in and buy the most expensive pen you can find. Instead, try to learn a little bit about pens first and make some modest purchases. That way, you'll get some practice looking for a good price and identifying pens in good condition before you make bigger investments.

Display Your Pens

Some of the pens you buy might come in their own display boxes. You can also get a really nice display case, lined in velvet, to display all your pens at once. Pick out a case with a glass front and a lock. Your pens will be protected from both damage and thieves and you'll get to admire them anytime you like.

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