Introductory MMA Workout Routine

By Mark Cook , last updated December 7, 2011

Getting into an introductory Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, workout routine is a great way of getting yourself in shape. Everyone is aware of the MMA sport being filled with some of the strongest and more athletic athletes in the world. These fighters train using a combination of weight training, kickboxing, boxing, cardio and core exercises, as well as wrestling routines to have a full and comprehensive workout. These workouts incorporate high intensity exercises that maximize your conditioning.

As an MMA fighter you must be physically strong and able to last several rounds in the ring, so making sure your cardio and stamina can endure this is essential. One of the popular ways to receive the best conditioning is to go through circuit training. This is a series of exercises you do in a row without resting in between. An MMA workout is a great way to get your body in peak physical shape. Of course these actual fighters take these workouts to the most extreme levels, however this is a simple introductory MMA workout that will get you going on the right path!

Each circuit consists of several exercises that should be completed one after another without stopping to rest or pause in between. You should continue to do these exercises in order for 5 minutes before stopping for a 60 second break in between each circuit.

Warm Up

It is extremely important that you give your body enough time to warm up. A simple warm up gets your heart rate up which gets your muscles engaged for the intense workout to follow. What you should do here is spring about 75 feet then walk back to your starting point. Keep repeating this for about 5 minutes.

Circuit 1

This first circuit is designed to strengthen your upper body. You should do 15 reps of each exercise. The first is your standard military push-up to strengthen your chest and arms. Follow this up by doing 15 jumping jacks. Finally round out this circuit by doing 15 bench dips to isolate and strengthen your triceps muscles.

Circuit 2

Start this circuit off with knee raises, which are quick raises where you lift your knee as high as you can to your chest. Do 10 reps of this on each leg followed by 10 reps of mountain climbers. Mountain climbers are similar to knee raises except that you move your legs outward so that your outer thigh muscles get involved. Follow this with a series of 10 jumping jacks followed by 10 more squat jumping jacks where you keep your knees bent as close to 90 degrees as possible while you are jumping.

Circuit 3

No MMA workout is complete without getting in some back workouts. For these exercises you need a bar. First do your basic chin-up 10 times. Follow this with 10 reps of pull-ups. Pull-ups are very similar to chin-ups except for the fact that now your palm faces out as opposed to inwards. Follow this up by holding 2 muscle plates of at least 25 pounds each in front of you for as long as you can until you tire.


Remember that you continue to do each circuit for 5 minutes before stopping. Once you have gone through each circuit repeat the entire sequence two more times.

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