Investing In The Brazilian Stock Market

By Ted Rollins , last updated December 22, 2011

The Brazilian market has swiftly become one of the most popular investment opportunities for American investors, even for those who shy away from foreign markets. Much more stable than you might believe, the Brazilian market exists as one of the best emerging markets in the world, with little of the risk profile you might associate with Latin American countries. In what follows, you'll find some of the pertinent details about investing in Brazil.

You have two primary options when investing in the Brazilian market. You can go the traditional route and simply buy and trade stocks on their stock exchange, or you can deploy more complex offshore investment opportunities like ETFs or mutual funds based on the Brazilian market. In either case, you'll be investing in one of the world's largest and most stable markets: Brazil currently has the 10th ranked economy, with about 5% annual growth. Brazil's greatest edge compared to many emerging markets is its oil sufficiency, which lends the market stability. The country is rich in ethanol - making more than all of Europe and Asian combined - and is also one of the world's biggest iron suppliers. The nation's more sophisticated stock exchange, called the Bovespa, lists almost 450 firms, and you can also trade on the Rio Stock Exchange, which lists bonds and currencies. Both markets stay open from 10AM to 5PM Brasilia Time, which makes it possible for most American investors to follow the market without having to stay up all night and change their investing schedule. With all of its positive traits, there's very little reason not to research and invest in Brazil.

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