Keep a Formal Living Room Beautiful

By Elizabeth Hannigan , last updated April 26, 2011

Keeping your formal living room beautiful is no easy feat if you have pets and a family. Heck, even if you live alone sometimes it is easy to forget about vacuuming. You have a formal living room in your home so that you have a place to celebrate special occasions such as holidays, birthdays and entertaining guests. It is even possible that you are keeping a formal living room just so that you can have one room that is not full of your kids' toys. The drawback to having a room that you rarely use, though, is that it can end up looking stuffy, musty or dated. But there are a few measures you can take to keep your formal living room looking beautiful in between uses.

Schedule Maintenance

Your formal living room probably does not need to be cleaned as much as other rooms in your home such as your kitchen or your family room. This is because the formal living room probably does not see much traffic and your family rarely uses the room. Since you may not be cleaning the formal living room every week, it can be easy for you to lose track of how long it has been since the last time you did clean it. You can avoid this problem by keeping a cleaning schedule.

Depending upon how often you use the room and whether you have pets roaming around, some activities like vacuuming and dusting can probably be done biweekly. Other major projects like cleaning the carpets can be done yearly. You can also enlist your family members in your campaign to keep the formal living room beautiful. Tell your kids that they are not allowed to play in the formal living room or leave their stuff in that room. If you have to traverse the formal living room to get from your front door to the rest of your house, consider laying a runner for people to walk on so that nobody accidentally tracks mud across the room.

Do Regular Updates

The passage of time is one of the biggest threats to the beauty of your formal living room. Since you never use the room, it can be easy for so much time to pass that all of the furniture that once looked so elegant suddenly becomes hopelessly dated. Even furniture that seemed to look classic when you bought it can eventually look outdated. You certainly do not want to walk into your formal living room one day and feel like you stepped through a time machine to 1995. While you probably won't be buying new furniture regularly, you can keep your living room looking fresh with new curtains, pillows and decor.

Use the Room

The easiest way to keep your formal living room looking beautiful is to use the room on a regular basis. There's nothing like company to help motivate you to finally get that cleaning done. Try to create regular opportunities like cocktail parties or get togethers with friends to utilize your living room. After all, there's no point to keeping it beautiful if you can't enjoy it!

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