Landscaping with Palm Plants

By Tara Thomas , last updated June 15, 2011

Landscaping with palm plants creates a uniquely lush feeling wherever they‘re placed. They’re perfect for landscapes that incorporate running water, creature comforts, outdoor rooms and anywhere a statement needs to be made. Originally native to warm, tropical climates with high humidity, some palms have adapted to growing perfectly fine in backyards and even indoors. Palms go excellently with other plants and come in various sizes to accommodate nearly any space. They also lend themselves very well to a number of architectural and landscaping design schemes. Keep reading and see just how easy landscaping with palm plants really is.

Tropical Oasis

What better way to create a tropical getaway in your backyard than by landscaping with palm plants? Palm plants are key plants for tropical or lagoon designs. They are integral to creating that fertile, green ambience that cannot be duplicated with other plants. Select palms of varying heights and species to add some variety to the landscape. Since palms make fantastic container plants, consider placing a number of palms at strategic locations that benefit from the palm’s presence. If you have a pool or other large water feature, planting palms nearby will give the feeling of swimming in a hidden lagoon.

Mediterranean Villa

We may not often think of palms when a Mediterranean theme comes to mind, but palms are also equally well suited to this particular design scheme. Comfortable and inviting outdoor rooms can be accented with container palms of different heights and sizes. Terracotta and hand-painted pottery goes well with the Mediterranean villa design and can be used liberally. In this layout, palms do not add a tropical feel per see, but rather one of luxurious relaxation. Mediterranean landscaping should be an understated opulence. You want the space to feel simultaneously elegant and casually inviting.

Water Features

Water features and palms go hand in hand. A rock or stone pool, waterfall or backyard pond landscaped with palm plants can take on an entirely different air than if the palms were left out. Forget vacations! Create a deserted isle in your own backyard complete with secluded swimming holes or meandering streams lined with palms. Be sure to include landscape lighting to illuminate water features and palms at night for a truly magical touch. Water features introduce the soothing and captivating sound of running water. Palm trees add movement to an area making them a perfect companion to your water features. If you don’t have room for full-scale water features, try making smaller container water gardens and place a few potted palms nearby. You’ll create a memorable landscape without sacrificing much space.

Palms are relatively easy to grow and bring an unmistakable presence to wherever they are. Many landscapes blend well with palm plants and you’re only limited by your imagination. Whether you’re creating a Mediterranean terraced landscape or a lush and verdant tropical getaway, you’ll more than likely be using palm plants to landscape with. A little research or trip to your garden center will provide a list of plants that go well with palms to complete your landscape.

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