Lawn Sprinkler Ratings

By Meghan Fogarty , last updated May 27, 2011

In order to keep a lawn thriving and green, using a highly rated lawn sprinkler is critical. Finding an effective lawn sprinkler can be complicated so that it is most efficient. During the summer, a lawn should receive about an inch of water each week over the course of two waterings.

An impact sprinkler, or an impulse sprinkler, is one of the best sprinkler choices. The company Rain Bird sells this kind of sprinkler. These sprinklers should be purchased in either brass or metal. If there is low water pressure, however, then a plastic impact sprinkler may work better so that it turns appropriately. The water flow of impact sprinklers is adjusted using a screw on the arm of the fixture. Impulse sprinklers are great for the even water coverage of the lawn. A benefit to these sprinklers is that they ensure large water droplets that are distributed low to the ground, limiting evaporation and drifting. With larger water droplets, the sprinkler does not need to be left on for as long.

Another choice in lawn sprinkler is the oscillating sprinkler. These sprinklers generally cover a greater distance of the lawn, but will have to be left on about three times longer than an impulse sprinkler. Melnor makes effective oscillating sprinklers. Another setback of oscillating sprinklers is that the wind will affect the adequateness of watering a lawn. The water is often blown onto the sidewalk and neighboring lawns, limiting the efficiency of oscillating sprinklers.

A final, and probably least recommended, type of sprinkler is the stationary sprinkler. Although these sprinklers are usually fairly cheap, they cannot water large areas of grass and will often create puddles if kept in one place for too long. It is best to purchase a metal stationary sprinkler, as opposed to a plastic one, because the metal sprinkler will last longer.

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