Make Your Own Beaded Curtains

By Tammie Jo , last updated February 14, 2011

Beaded curtains are a fun way to add color and movement to a window or doorway that doesn’t require strict privacy, you can make your own beaded curtains with a few basic supplies even if you are not skilled at beading crafts. One of the most enjoyable things about making a beaded curtain is that you can customize the colors and styles of beads to your own décor. You can also use a variety of unusual materials for a beaded curtain, such as buttons, bells, rocks or shells that have a hole in them – anything that you can run a string through can be used to make a beaded curtain. This craft is supposed to be unique and whimsical, so don’t be afraid to experiment.


  • Lumber scrap
  • Saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Graph paper
  • Beads
  • Fishing line
  • Hot glue

Measure the width of the space you want to cover. Cut a piece of scrap wood, approximately 1 inch by 1/2 inch, to that measurement. You can also use a large dowel, cut to the proper width. Paint or stain the lumber if you wish.

Create your design. You can make a simple pattern by alternating the color, type or size of beads you use. Or, you can make a complex design, such as a classic palm tree, by drawing the pattern on grid paper first.

  • Hint: Keep in mind that you will need to place all of the bead strings very close together when creating a scene or graphic design – close enough so the beads just touch on each side – or else your design will look skewed and incomplete.

Measure the length of your beaded curtain and add 6 inches to the measurement. Cut several strands of monofilament fishing line to that length. The additional 6 inches will be used to attach the beaded strands to the brace.

  • Hint: If you want a quick and easy beaded curtain to cover a large space, or are doing this project with children, use twine, cotton string or macramé cord and large beads with large holes, or colored drinking straws cut into 2-inch lengths, to make the project faster and easier to accomplish. Also, if you don’t have much experience with beading, stick with a random pattern so it won’t matter if everything doesn’t line up exactly.

Tie a knot in the end of one strand of fishing line and begin stringing your beads onto it.

Attach the beaded strand to the wooden brace by looping it around and tying it to the brace or hot gluing it into place (glue on the back side). A neater, but more labor intensive, method is to drill thin vertical holes through the center of brace, thread the filament through, and tie a bead to the end of the strand to hold it in place. A dab of clear-drying glue under each bead will help stabilize the construction of the curtain.

  • Hint: With the third method, you will have several small beads lined up on top of your brace, you can make them less visible by using small, clear beads.

To hang your curtain, attach an eye hook at the top-left and top-right ends of the brace. Screw hooks into the door frame at coordinating measurement. Keep it clean with regular dusting and an occasional wipe with a damp rag.

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