Make Your Own Christmas Apron

By Sam Feeder , last updated September 21, 2011

Making your own Christmas apron can be a fun crafts project that you can do yourself, with family or with your significant other over the holiday season in those early weeks of December. The great thing about a Christmas apron is that while you have to stick to a few specific themes, like colors, patterns or figures that represent the Christmas season, there is a lot of room for creativity. Also, as you will most likely be doing a lot of cooking over the course of the Christmas season, the festiveness of your apron will add a certain subconscious flavor to the food. Or at least that's the hope. Check out some of the ideas for different Christmas aprons, listed below.

Christmas Tree Handprint Apron

Painting with handprints on anything is a lot of fun for everyone involved and doing this with Christmas colors in specific patterns on the front of an apron is a fun and memorable holiday crafts project for the whole family. A Christmas tree can be made out of green handprints, starting with five in a row on the bottom, four handprints directly above those five, all angling up into one single handprint at the top, creating a triangle. A yellow handprint can be placed on top as the star and small red fingerprints can dot the green handprints that create the tree, as lights, ornaments or berries, depending on the size of the fingerprints. Allow this paint to dry on the apron and you will have a charming and simple Christmas apron.

Stitched Christmas Apron

With different fabrics that are red and green, stitch together an apron that ties in the back and will fit you for the Christmas season. You don't have to be an expert seamstress to do this either, as large strips of fabric which will at least wrap around your front can be used in these Christmas colors and be easily stitched together at the top by running them through a sewing machine once or twice along each edge. Once the basic structure of the apron has been assembled, different patches or ornaments should be added to it to create a certain Christmas flare that shows you went the extra mile when designing and decorating your Christmas apron. Small bells or brass beads can be attached to string and hung from the bottoms of the apron to make it jingle when you move; various Christmas patches that are made to look like different Christmas figures (Santa Claus, a Tree, Rudolph) should be sewn onto the front and sides, or wherever there is open space.

Stenciled Christmas Apron

Stencils which have the word Merry Christmas or the outlines of trees or Reindeer can be purchased from a crafts store as the holiday season approaches and used on that blank red, green or white apron you have been meaning to decorate. Using ink from a screen printing kit, these stencils can be used to put these images onto the apron permanently, like you would on a t-shirt you are designing. It's relatively easy to use these screen printing kits as well, though sometimes they can get kind of messy, which means you might need an apron for making Christmas aprons.

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