Make Your Own Christmas Cocktail Party Invitations

By Jean D , last updated November 2, 2011

Hosting a Christmas cocktail party is a great way to celebrate the season, and you can make the party just a bit more personal by making your own invitations. Making your own cards is remarkably easy, even if you don't think you have an artistic bone in your body. All you need are a few supplies, a few instructions and an hour of dedicated crafting time.

To make these cards, you'll need:

  • Red cardstock, cut to 6 inches by 6.5 inches.
  • Light green cardstock, cut to 4.5 inches by 5 inches.
  • Glue gun.
  • Silver or gold metallic pen.
  • Stickers with Christmas themes (holly, trees, presents, etc.) or stickers with cocktail glasses.

To assemble the cards, place the red cardstock on the bottom and glue the green cardstock on the top. Affix one sticker in the upper left of the green cardstock. Using your metallic pen, write the date, time, location and other pertinent details of your party, and ask your guests to respond right away. Make sure to mention that you're hosting a cocktail party, so they know what you're planning, and ask them to bring a liquor contribution, if you'd like a potluck party.

There are several ways to dress up this very basic card and make it a tad snazzier. For example, instead of writing out all of your invitations by hand, you can use your computer's word processing program to write out the details of your party. Print those documents on translucent paper (also known as velum). Affix the velum to the invitation with a hole punch and a shiny piece of ribbon. To jazz up even more, add some texture to your card. Craft stores such as Michael's often carry scissors with serrated edges that can give the edges of your card a ragged, funky look. If you don't have a craft store near you, shop online at

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