Make Your Own Electric Candle Lamps

By Anna Graizbord , last updated November 10, 2011

Crafting an electric candle lamp can be a fun and productive activity for both arts and crafts beginners and experts. Especially for those on a budget, electric candle lamps can act as a stand-in to smaller store-bought lamps, plus they much more of a creative solution. Who knows, they could even be the only answer when you just can’t seem to find just the right lamp to decorate a space!

You can get electric canning jar lamp kits that come with a jar with a socket/cord built in. Otherwise you might need to drill a hole in your jar top for the socket to be placed and connect. Any sort of glass jar will work, though mason jars are best, and can add a vintage touch. Otherwise, you’ll need a small bulb, a lampshade (either the traditional sort to go over the jar, or to wrap around the jar; the aesthetic choice is yours), and items with which to decoratively fill your jar. It’s best to place a heavier object (like a rock) in the middle of the jar and fill out with whatever else you want, with the exception of any liquid, as it will damage the electrical parts.

Once you’ve attached your socket and cord to your jar lid—usually with kits, if they’re not already pre-attached, they’ll have instructions as to how to attach your cord to your socket, and then both to the top of your jar lid—you can screw in the lid to the top of your jar. Next, you can attach your bulb to your socket—for a more candle-like effect, try a flicker bulb—and then either wrap your shade covering around the jar up past the height of the bulb (such that the aesthetic effect is that of a large votive candle), or attach a small lampshade to the top.

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